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{{{ Hey everyone.  I know this community has been pretty much MIA lately.  This actually was a conscious decision.  Myself and Tiffany, the other mod, know that most of our members are in college and have finals to study for.  Taking this into account, we kind of went on a hiatus, of sorts.  Like the show itself... LOL!  Anyway, Tiffany and I will be out of town from the 10th to the 20th of May.  I figured after then we cuold pick up things with this RP.  I know that is kind of far into the future, however this gives everyone time to get done with school, moved back home, and what not.  This also lets us, the mods, be able to breathe a little.  If you have characters that want to DO things, please feel free to interact.  I am in no way telling you that you are not allowed to RP with anyone else until the 20th of May.  It is more of a courtesy to those of you who ARE in college nad HAVE finals and stuff going on.  Plus, our lives have been more then chaotic as of late as well.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.  We had someone interested in playing Mouth, which would be nice since Mouth has been MIA for ages...  And it woudl allow Gigi to come back into the picture.  If the girl who wanted to be Mouth is reading this, YES you can have the part.  I will get you the information as soon as I can.  We did have an AIM and a journal set up, however it has been so long since anyone played him, that I personally dont remember the log in information.  Please create a AIM name and a journal and join the group with your Mouth journal.  Once accepted, please add everyone else as friends.  As for the rest of you, that means you need to accept the new mouth!  LOL!  You all know the drills!  

I feel like I am rambling...  Maybe I am.  Ok, I know I am.  Oh well.  Too flippin' bad!  LOL!  We have not disappeared and we have not given up on this RP.  We just needed to take a break.  Please tell others to come and join us.  I know that we only have like 6 actual members currently considering most of our members plays multiple characters.  It would be nice to see people joining us and actually having someone to play your boyfriend instead of you...  Right Bevin?  LOL!  You know I love you!  So, pimp us out.  I believe we have used our quota of pimping in actual One Tree Hill communities, however, you all know other ways around that.  I am sure you all know others that play in different RPs and ask them to join ours!  It would be fun to get some fresh blood in here.  

If you have any ideas for WHOLE GROUP story lines, please respond to this posting.  I am up to hear anything you might want to do.  I would like to plan one evening when everyone is online with all their characters and we do some kind of senior skip day.  It WOUDL be fun to make it a Senior Skip WEEK, but I know that is not realistic.  But if we do even a day, then everyone can get on adn interact with one another.  ALSO, we need to have one night where we ACTUALLY do PROM.  I know they are going to do prom on the show in a few weeks, however our RP is slightly different from the real show, and I think we should PLAN a time when we can have everyone online to do Prom together.  if there are days that work better for you, please reply to this post as well letting me know.  

Graduation for this crazy group of kids is also on the horizion.  Any ideas as to how we should do that?  let me know.  hit me up.  Im always on AIM, so you can reach me there, or reply.  You know the drill by now.  Again, that would ideally be one night where EVERYONE would be online so we can all interact together and actually have them graduate together.  In a Chat format.  

I am always open to hearing other people's suggestions so if you have any, please let me know.  other wise I will just look forward to reading comments and seeing all you again in the RP arena starting on the 20th of may...  Or shortly there after.  *I might need to actually sleep considering I will have been doing nothing but driving, standing in line and going to concerts for those 10 days.  Probably sleep will be a good thing for me then...  LOL!*

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