There is always something there to remind me... (p_sawyerldzp) wrote in ravens_rpg,
There is always something there to remind me...


Ok guys, before we can play Peytons NEWEST Music Game, I need something from all of you.

I dont want to go into all the details just yet, but everyone needs to help me out. I need the list of everyone's full names FIRST, MIDDLE, and LAST. Once we get everyone to let us know, I will post the newest game!

If you don't know your characters middle name, MAKE IT UP! But in order for this one to work, we need full names for everyone.

So Far I know:
Peyton Elizabeth Sawyer
Lucas Eugene Scott
Brooke Penelope Scott
Gigi Stephanie Silveri
Jake Spencer Jagielski
Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III

So I need names for Skills, Nicki, Bevin, Mouth, and Rachel.

THANKS GUYS! You WILL enjoy this one this time, I promise. :-D
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